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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Back up to speed

The snow has, at long last, reduced to a mere memory (only took three days and a final snow plough) so we are back at work full blast. Our financial year ends on 31 January, so we soon start on Year 7 - which we hope will be proof that book lovers still buy books during (or is it after?) a recession. Trade did not fall during the credit crunch but it did not increase - but thanks to our stalwart reader clients we have come through in better shape that we had thought.
Sales through the RAF Hendon Bookshop and their mail order department at RAF Cosford are going well, and a lot of our books were given as Christmas presents.
So, onwards (and maybe a little bit upwards) in the next twelve months - and a new contract is in negotiation at the moment which will broaden our source base and give us even more work!
A Happy New Year belatedly, and hopes for a warm summer.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

We don't get floods, but snow.... another matter!

Just to let everyone know that things are a little slow up here at the moment. We are at 1,000 feet on top of the Pennines and although we never have a flood risk, when the snow comes it lands here first! We are close to being snowbound, and are waiting for printer supplies - just hanging in there at the moment. However for those of you who have ordered books over the Christmas period we can assure you that they will be posted as soon as we can get things going again at full blast - and your credit cards won't be charged until we get the books away.
Incidentally, a Happy New Year to all of you - wherever you are.