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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

RAF pays MLRS Books a compliment.

Today on the RAF Centre for Air Power Studies (Historical Sources section) web site appears the following:

"It is the intention of the RAF CAPS to place on this site a highly useful range of important historical air power sources and documents.
Most of those below" [see their site through our links page] "have been prepared by, and can be bought as hard copies from, the excellent Military Library Research Services Ltd (MLRS Books), which offers services as re-printers of military manuals, booklets, pamphlets and maps of historical interest. Given your areas of research, this material may be of interest to you, particularly as much of the material is either unavailable or difficult to access elsewhere. MLRS Books has over 600 books on its list covering a wide variety of subjects, primarily with regard to the Second World War. If this material is of interest to you, the MLRS Books website is It holds full details of all its books. MLRS Books can be contacted regarding any queries or by telephone on 01298 71894."

Need we say more?

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