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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Royal Navy now signed up for reprints

We have been awarded a new MoD contract.

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a reprinting contract by the MoD on behalf of the Naval Historical Branch of the Royal Navy. This means we now reprint for all three services in the United Kingdom, and we are extremely proud of this.

Our first reprints in the naval field will be of the six volumes of Hurford's "The War at Sea" written during the war and used by NHB as their first reference source for operations of the RN during the Second World War. The series should not be confused with Roskill's history which is less detailed. Hurford compiled his history on an almost day-to-day basis and used the RN War Diary and signals logs as the basis for this extremely important and never before published account.

The next, rather large, project, is a reprint of the monthly anti-submarine warfare 'journal' produced throughout the war and issued to all ships. It contains detailed statistics on losses of merchant vessels (and RN and other fleet vessels) together with much detail on a/s warfare methods, German countermeasures and a wealth of detail on tactics on both sides. This will be prepared on a monthly basis and published as is the original in approximately six monthly volumes. Volume I nears completion and will be announced in April, followed monthly by subsequent volumes.

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